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Bring Calmness To Residents Life

Less Stress

Reduce Stress And Improve Sleep

More Happiness

Improve Happiness, Joy & Engagment

Why 2gether?


Emotional Analysis Using Face Recognition

Algorithm that measures the mood, happiness and stress levels from the smartphone/tablet built-in camera – using face recognition.

Emotion-Based Personalised Music

Finding the right music for every person based on their emotional score, demographic and music reminiscing method.


Simple Tele-Visiting Platform

Easy to use 1:1 Video chat with no need of any tech skills or experience on the elderly side.
3 clicks and you are 2gether.

Online Support By Board Certified Music Therapists

online-support given by professional music therapists on demand and video tutorials that guide the users in turning music into wellbeing.


Our Core Technology


AI Chooses the right music for the desired emotion state of the listener


Tagging & Scanning a database of over 100,000 emotion-based tagged song


Analyzing the personalised valence and energy levels for each song


Detecting emotional facial features using your built-in phone camera

2gether algorithm generates emotion-based content recommendations comprised of 7 key facial expressions, taken from 43 facial muscles.

All to analyze and improve wellbeing through personalized emotional-based content.

Keeping it simple


Compare different time periods

See changes over time in resident level metrics







Detect & improve QOL using personalised content


Professional Support

Know the emotional state of your residents


Senior Living

Hospital Staff

Visiting Families

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