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SOLO reduces stress, pain, and loneliness using personlized audio-video content in just 15 minutes a day.

In Just 15 minutes a day

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pain levels
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stress levels
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loneliness feeling
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improved mood

why add SOLO to your team?


boosts the productivity of your staff by freeing them to engage in other tasks


create personalised activities without the need of a staff member present


enables daily activity for medical conditions from active ageing, MCI to palliative care


available 24/7 365, no need to take a break, including night shifts


experienced on 1000 patients with more than 10,000 hours


if your residents speak it – SOLO speaks it!

Analyse mood & energy levels using device camera

The algorithm measures mood, happiness and calmness levels from the built-in camera using face recognition technology

Play personalised video content based on emotional score

SOLO chooses the right music for the desired emotional state based on language & genre preferences with a click of a button

Monitor emotional changes in real-time

Monitors the emotional state of users, shows emotional feedback to content in real time and creates value based outcomes for your facility

Emotional Wellbeing Dashboard for your facility in realtime

Know the emotional condition by each user, see trends and changes over time, all in a simple web dashboard – see the quality of life in value based outcome results!

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Senior Living


Assisted Living

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