turning music to Medicine

helping alzheimer's caregivers take care of their loved ones

how 2gether will help you
turn music into therapy

Everyone who comes to visit can connect

One kit allows everyone to use The volunteers, the caregivers, the grandchildren, the children - connect to the app!

Get 2 sets of headphones and splitter

So you can start listening to music together
All in the special set of 2gether

Stored in the "cloud" for life

The songs, the memories, the musical moments
Everything stays for you to continue to enjoy the process

Accompanying music therapists

24/7 to help you connect with your loved ones
Making music a life-changing tool

Personalised music for each person

Answer 3 questions and get a personalised song list
In more than 50 languages ​​and styles from all times

Create a memoir that remains forever

Documenting life stories that remain for future generations
With our app and microphone of your phone

how 2gether changes lives

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what we hear from people who purchased 2gether

"It was exciting, we listened to music together and it was fun and life changing"
Ido & grandma
"She said she felt happiness, 2gether improved her life!"
Dana & grandma
"Music connects, it's an opportunity for her to ask for French songs-and here it works"
Tal & grandma
1000 +
Musical Moments
500 +

Questions & Answers

First of all, let's start by saying that within YouTube you will find YouTube.


YouTube allows passive listening to music. Unlike YouTube, 2gether enables the creation of a personal and customized process – a personal musical-therapeutic adaptation for each and every one, Encouraging him and more…

2gether is a therapeutic tool because, apart from the fact that you can listen to music, you can record memories while listening.

In-app music therapists will turn the process into therapy. You can see how long you have sat and how many songs you have heard.

2gether intended for all active active adults, and "ordinary" people who simply suffer from loneliness.

People living with dementia at all stages of the disease, people in palliative condition or stroke rehabilitation

In the kit there are:

2 pairs of headphones 1 splitter to connect to the phone so that you can hear together at the same time Carrying case from headset to headset is a surprise to us.

Yes, it is real! There is a team of music therapists available to you in the

2gether app waiting to guide and accompany you on your journey with your favorite people.

You can ask them any questions, technical or therapeutic, and they are at your service!

It all started with the fact that I wanted to be a better grandson, but I did not know how I really loved my grandmother and wanted to make our relationship more meaningful.

I was so tired that our meetings ended after five minutes of one-day conversations, we discovered the music and began adapting her custom music.

Our relationship changed completely.

A woman who suffered from loneliness and only wanted to move to the world.

I received a vital, smiling grandmother, who remembered the memories of my grandfather and was fascinated by the music – the music simply connected us and improved her life.

That will immediately improve the life of those close to me, because it is simple and allows an immediate connection to the whole family that allows recorded feedback for every meeting that will remain an amazing memento for those who care about me…

meet the 😇 that make 2gether awesome

roy tal

co-founder & CEO

oron azulay

co-founder & chief therapist

ido amram


mor erlich

content & social

mika ella

music therapist

kobi mandelbaum


shulamit epstein

music therapist

more to come...

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