Making grandparents happy - one song at a time!

Want to see grandpa happy?
Meet the perfect music collaboration app!

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Want to make them happy? Meet the perfect music collaboration app!

And all you need is a smartphone…

2gether in Numbers


What do YOU get?

(Besides beeing amazing children…)

An algorithm for finding childhood songs in over 60 languages ​​and styles

A reason and reminder to visit the elderly without leaving home and risking them

Documentation of encounters and memories of grandparents life

24/7 support by team of experts

What do THEY get?

(Besides feeling happy and special…)

A musical kit with a pair of third-age headphones and simple operating instructions

Simple login without the need to download an app

Connecting to all family members through music video chat

Hear music from their childhood and tell you memories

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What will you get with 2gether?

(in the price of a single concert ticket)

  • Comfortable headphones with maximum volume
  • Dedicated music therapist for online support
  • Free shipment to grandparents house
  • Sessions are saved in the cloud for family memory
  • One-time payment for life-time usage
  • 30 day money back guarantee

What does the press say about us?

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Customers recommend

"It makes people excited, feel, smile, drum, dance and rejoice with the music they choose with me and the app..."
Sara Ganot
Day Care Manager
"It's a close reunion every time, its collaboration is great and also unique! She suddenly remembers things and sings, it does wonders - I feel it brings us closer together and gives us quality and meaningful time for both of us!"

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The grandson that invented the app that works in 7 countries!

I loved my grandmother and wanted to make our relationship more meaningful.

I was desperate that my visits ended after 5 minutes of meaningless small talk.

One day we discovered music therapy and I started customizing it for her.

Once the right music arrived – our relationship changed completely from a woman who suffered from loneliness to a vivid lady that brought up wonderful memories from her past into joyfull conversations!

It was like magic – the music just connected us and improved her life!

When she passed away, I decided to establish the 2gether app in her memory …

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No, all Grandma will need to do is click on a link you will send her by text message – and that's it!

From that moment the control is in your hands, you choose the music and can record selected moments from the visit.

Zoom is a great video call software.

2gether allows for meaningful content integration during video call, allows grandparents to use without the need for installing apps or other complex use, and also allows to create playlists of grandparents' songs and record the visit and share with the whole family!

In addition, you get a pair of headphones with 2gether kit in a festive packaging delivered to grandparents' house for free!

In addition to the app Grandma and Grandpa will receive a delivery up to the door with a pair of comfortable and powerful headphones that will allow for a successful session and pleasant listening experience to the music they love most!

They will get it in pretty packaging so they know you thought of them!

The app has over 60 childhood music styles and languages, with a simple algorithm that can help you find the right songs quickly and easily

It certainly fits!

It suits Grandma if she is alone, or with a caregiver who can help her, or Grandpa and Grandma who live together!

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